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Employees are the most important capital of a company – right from the start. With an agile approach and innovative power from Design Thinking, the onboarding process of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) was optimized together with the HR department. 



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Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) considers Austria, where it is a leading corporate and investment bank, and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as its home market. 13 markets in the region are covered by subsidiary banks, and the Group also includes numerous other financial services companies, for example in the areas of leasing, asset management and M&A. To support its business activities, RBI maintains representative offices and service branches at selected Asian and Western European locations.


An important factor for the successful integration of new employees into a company is the start of their first working day. The onboarding process ensures that the processes and activities support the entry into a new company in the best possible way. 

The Human Resources department of Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) was explicitly concerned with improving various aspects of the onboarding process. In order to better identify the actual weaknesses and find creative solutions, a Design Thinking Workshop was held. 


Figure 1: Onboarding Workshop


A success factor for innovative idea generation is the involvement of users and diversity in the team. To view the onboarding process from as many perspectives as possible, new employees who have only recently joined the company were invited to accompany the workshop as “customers”. In addition to employees from the HR department, managers and administrative staff from the departments who work closely with their new colleagues were also invited. This ensured that different perspectives were included in the idea generation process. 

On the basis of a customer journey, the positive aspects and weaknesses of the previous onboarding process were worked out in groups. Using the Empathy Map, individual situations were taken up and viewed from the perspective of the participants. After a common understanding of the goals and wishes had been reached, ideas were collaboratively generated and prototypes and concepts with key figures for success and possible risks were worked out in small groups.

The Design Thinking Workshop gave us many impulses on different levels to further develop the onboarding of our employees. It was exciting to see that the different ideas did not contradict each other, but complemented each other through the equal understanding for our "customers" that was developed.“

Gerhard Stefan (Head of Training and Development, Raiffeisen Bank International)

Figure 2: Prototyping – visualization of an idea to quickly validate and develop the idea

Our solution

In order to ensure the feasibility and effectiveness of the ideas, additional people from different areas were invited on the second day of the workshop to verify and further develop the ideas. The ideas were transferred to the agile project to be followed up in the following iterations.

By involving the clients of the HR department - the new employees - the responsible persons in the HR department have seen which weaknesses really have an impact and in which areas there is a need for action. By understanding the "customers", innovative solutions tailored to the actual needs could be created.“

Claudia Oster (Agile Coach, TechTalk GmbH)

Figure 3: Customer Journey (symbol image)

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